3 Ways to Put Personality in Your Subject’s Photos

Photographer shooting the right environmentAre you looking for ways to add personality to an otherwise boring photo? It is difficult to do so, as pictures capture a particular moment. With the right elements, lighting, and even clothing, however, you can bring out the best in your subject.

JayLynn Photography Studio and other photo studios agree on the following ways you can add personality to your photographs:

The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

You may have heard the cliche line, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” but this is true to some extent. Focus on the eyes of your subject. To pull this off, the lighting must be right and the proportion of the face and even the body must be good. To bring out the vibrancy of the eyes and grab the attention of viewers, add “sparkle.” A skilled photographer can add these catch-lights by reflecting light on their subject’s eyes.

The Right Environment

Having a portrait taken in a studio is the easy way out, but the photos will be like everyone else’s. To stand out, take photos in a certain environment that brings out your subject’s personality. It can be either a hobby or a passion they have. The photo-shoot can be in the great outdoors, in the mountains, the swimming pool, a luxury hotel, a bar, or wherever you and your subject wants. The background can add context to what your photo is trying to say and is also a complement to your personality.

The Narrative

Another cliche you may have heard is “A picture paints a thousand words.” Integrate this concept into your shoot by telling a story. The poses your subject makes, facial expression, and environment contributes to the narrative you want to create. With a story woven into a picture, it can be open to interpretation, which means you’ll grab a lot of people’s attention.

These are just a handful of ways to bring out the personality in photos. Try these and find out if they work for you. If not, you can ask the advice of professionals.