The Power of Print Ads: Outweighing That of Online Ads

Advertising collaboration with the employeesThese days, you will hear people say that print advertisement is slowly fading away, with some even claiming it is already dead. This is far from the truth, as print ad still plays a major role in branding.

Yes, you need to invest in digital advertising solutions, particularly since a huge percentage of the New Zealand population – more than 62% of it – now uses the Internet for various tasks, including making online purchases. But you should not disregard the value of off-line, tangible advertising tools, for many good reasons.

And the fact that many reputable firms offer innovative ad services, such as screen printing solutions, shows that this form of advertising is still essential.

Larger Consumer Impact

Print ads that feature eye-catching, relevant and useful content have a higher tendency to attract consumers. They may even have a larger impact than online ads.

Staying Power

Once you have an advertisement printed, whatever medium you put it on, it will remain there. In other words, it has a permanence that online ads don’t. Keep in mind that web-based ads have a lifespan and after a short period, they will lose their spot on a website or page. And whilst you would likewise have to invest in new ideas for your print ad campaign in the future, you can use your existing ones as long as you want to.

Credibility and Tangibility

One of the things that Internet users have learned – and are learning – is to practice caution whenever they want to transact with an online business. Those with physical, brick and mortar stores may have a bigger market share than those without, as they have something tangible that makes them more credible in the eyes of consumers.

Customers want something they can see and touch in person, and print ads can provide that experience. Go find the right printing company and start your print advertising campaign as soon as possible.