Making Oral Health Fun for Your Kids

A young boy smiling while at the dentistry Bribing children to brush their teeth is one way to make them do something they do not like, but some frown at the approach. Some parents simply praise a child for remembering to brush after meals, while others prepare an elaborate reward.

If you think giving prizes for good behavior, such as receiving a new toy or a favorite snack, will not work for your kids, then read on. We have a few more ideas you may try out to promote good oral hygiene and overall health.

Make it their favorite time of day

A Murray pediatric dentist will often suggest to parents to teach tooth brushing as a family activity—something children can do with their parents and siblings. If they look forward to it, then perhaps they will not mind the unpleasantness associated with the chore.

Parents are in the best position to model good oral hygiene to their kids.

Explain the importance of good oral hygiene

Moving from oral cleaning tools for babies to a child’s first toothbrush is a rite of passage, which many kids do not enjoy. Children who need teaching on how to use a toothbrush are of the age when they can protest. Instead of bribing them, you deign to explain why then must brush their teeth three times a day?

Kids are smart and listen to reason if you explain things to them in a manner they understand. If you start by explaining to them the importance of brushing their teeth, they should have no reason to frown at the task. Parents know that establishing good oral hygiene routine is an essential part of raising children.

If you start them on a lesson about the importance of their teeth and cleaning them properly, you might find it easier for them to get into the groove of brushing and flossing regularly.

You can do many things to promote good oral hygiene and make it fun and pleasant for your children. They will appreciate your efforts and return the favor with good behavior.

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