Choose The Right Tattoo Artist For You

Male tattoo model posingTattoos are now part of the U.S. mainstream culture. According to a survey, one in four American adults aged between 18 and 50 are tattooed. The fact that the tattoo industry is the sixth-fastest-growing retail business in America supports this. From being seen as rebellious in the past, having a tattoo nowadays is becoming widely acceptable. Tattoos may have a significant meaning to a person and choosing the best tattoo artist from the tattoo shops in Los Angeles, California is important. Here are three tips to help you pick the right tattoo artist.

Listen To Referrals

Once you are decided on getting a tattoo, it is best to follow referrals and word of mouth. Checking a friend or relative’s tattoo, scrutinizing its quality (especially how it looks like weeks or months later), can validate the tattoo artist’s skill. If a person is greatly satisfied with their tattoo, this says a lot about the professionalism and the quality of work of the tattoo artist.

Check the hygiene

Go around and visit the different tattoo shops of your liking to check their facility. Is the shop clean and sanitized? Does the artist use gloves and ensures his hands are clean while working with sanitized instruments in a workstation? This factor is important to prevent you from acquiring unwanted infections, such as HIV or other diseases.


Lastly, be acquainted with your prospective tattoo artist. Aside from good hygiene, your artist must be personable. The artist should make you feel safe and comfortable and professional in the workplace. Check if they have enough knowledge about tattoo application and aftercare.

Take Your Time

A tattoo is a serious decision. You need to make sure that you are fully committed to it. Take your time and be cautious in picking your tattoo artist as they play a vital role in your painted skin journey.