The Preventative Maintenance Plan for Chilled Water Systems

Water SystemChilled water systems take a considerable investment to acquire. You may use these systems for air conditioning or refrigeration in your commercial facility, which means you need these systems to function at peak functionality and efficiency. Constant use causes wear and tear, but you can prolong the lives of your chillers.

Beyond Buffer Tanks

Buffer tanks can prolong the lives of your chillers, as they eliminate problems that result from natural wear and tear. Masterflow Solutions says that you can also use buffer tanks to remedy variable chilled water demand in your facility which can cause component failure. You can purchase such equipment from buffer tank suppliers here in Australia.

A Step-by-Step Plan

Even with buffer tanks, you still need to implement a thorough preventative maintenance plan to ensure the efficiency and continued service of your chiller. Start by hiring qualified and meticulous technicians who can detect the tiniest of issues. These professionals can make sure the small issues don’t blow up into catastrophic problems.

Logs and Cleanings

When you have your technicians, you can teach them to keep logs that document chiller performance every day. Such logs can help your technicians detect issues small better. Besides a daily log, they can clean the condenser tubes annually, if part of an open system, and evaporator tubes every three years for closed systems. Clean tubes mean better chiller performance year-round.

Leak Checks

Now, you can also lead your technicians to test the compressors quarterly for any leaks. High purge-unit runtime or too much moisture accumulated on the purge unit indicate a leak. Increased head pressure and condensing temperature also indicate the same.

Water Treatment and Chemical Analyses

Finally, you can employ water treatment methods to ensure the high quality of water needed for heat transfer in your chiller. You can also perform chemical analyses every year on your chiller’s oil and refrigerant to prevent contamination.

With the previous practices, you can be content that your investment in a chilled water system will last the years.