Straighter Teeth and Happier Smiles

A smiling woman enjoying the outdoors Are crooked, poorly spaced or crowded teeth detracting from your natural sparkle? If you are not happy with how your teeth look, you may find yourself shying away from social situations, dreading the camera or worrying about showing off your smile. If your teeth are very misaligned, then you may even be experiencing problems with eating or speaking properly. They are also more difficult to clean as there are more spaces for plaque to accumulate so there can be a long-term deterioration in your oral health. Correcting the position of your teeth used to mean a lengthy procedure involving metal brackets but there are many alternative options available now including clear braces.

A clear solution

Technological advances mean that straightening your teeth is faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before. The dental team at Harley Street Dental Clinic find that clear braces are particularly popular with adults who would love a more attractive smile but do not want to endure a mouthful of metal. So, even if you missed out on teeth straightening treatment as a child, it is not too late to invest in straighter teeth.

Options to suit you

There are many systems available so you can choose the right one for your needs. Incognito or lingual braces fit behind the teeth and so are concealed. They use brackets and wires in the same way as traditional braces and are fixed into place. Another option is braces with porcelain brackets that are made to match your teeth to make them less obvious. If you would prefer a brace you can remove for eating and cleaning, then you may find that Invisalign clear plastic aligners would suit you. This system uses a series of transparent trays that are custom-made to fit your mouth and gently move your teeth into position. The aligner trays are changed every 2 weeks to adapt to the changing configuration of your teeth and continue the process.

So give yourself the gift of an enhanced facial appearance and live life to the full again by choosing clear braces and a more attractive smile.

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