Identifying a Good Preschool Program For Your Child

Children learning in schoolThe significance of the early years in a child’s development has been more important lately. Studies on brain development uphold the value of quality education programs for children in their early years, and research on early childhood learning reveals the benefits of quality education. In Utah, Kearns preschool educators have structured their programs with these studies, as the Carolina Abecedarian study also reveals that early childhood education improves the academic performance of children all the way into their adulthood.

But how easy is it for preschool teachers to implement guidelines to improve preschool learning experiences? For many parents, here are some general principles that are useful in identifying whether a preschool is creating a better learning experience for their children.

Children have an equal chance to positive development

All children are capable of learning. Therefore, as educators in have been saying, it is important that preschool staff have equal expectations for all children without discrimination or favoritism.

Individuality reveals itself in development

Children acquire skills in sequences; they do not develop the skills at the same time or the same way. Every child is unique, and this should create individualized expectations.

A child’s language skills predict academic success

The preschool curriculum should focus on developing a child’s vocabulary and language skills. Language skills form the foundation of reading and writing, which are significant contributors to academic success.

Children associate with acts more than words

Unlike adults, young children learn by doing. Preschool teachers should, therefore, offer children opportunities to engage in activities and to explore different learning materials.

Understanding child growth and development helps

Knowledge in child development is essential in making a curriculum for individual children and groups of children. Teachers and parents can acquire this knowledge by observing the child at play.

There is an interrelation in developmental domains

A child’s development in one domain affects the development of other domains. So it is important to consider this interrelationship when creating preschool programs.

For school program developers and staff, they should inform families that they are the primary educators of their children. Teachers and parents should work together to give children great learning experiences both at school and home.