Making Natural-Looking Teeth Last: Keeping Dental Implants Functional

Someone flossing their teeth Dental implants make it possible for people to project a beautiful smile even after losing some or most of their permanent teeth. These implants can last for many years for as long as the person exercises proper maintenance. Those with dental implants can follow this guide to keep them functional and beautiful.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as a Manipulative Device

The natural look and feel of dental implants may make you forget that they’re not as strong as natural teeth. Thus, it’s best to avoid habits that put an unnecessary amount of strain on them. Refrain from using your teeth to open plastic packaging, chewing ice, and biting your fingernails. Doing these activities will eventually damage the prosthetic tooth mounted on the titanium screw. As a general rule, stick to chewing soft, edible foods.

Clean Your Teeth and Gums Regularly

Good oral hygiene is important in keeping implants functional. Dentists recommend brushing at least three times a day and flossing after every meal. Having a clean and healthy mouth can prevent gum disease, which stops the implant from staying in place.

Use a Mouth Guard

This oral appliance is highly recommended for people who habitually grind or clench their teeth as well as for people who play full-contact sports and engage in thrill-seeking activities. Mouth guards protect the dental implants from the pressure of teeth grinding and potential trauma.

Eat Healthy Foods

Keep your teeth and gums healthy by eating foods such as raw vegetables and crisp fruits. They freshen breath, help get rid of plaque, and protect gums and other tissues from bacterial infection and cell damage.

Eating healthy also means staying away from unhealthy and stain-causing foods. Food and drinks like chocolate, candies, and soda discolor teeth. Even if the prosthetic tooth is stain-resistant, the rest of your natural teeth are susceptible to stains. Refrain from eating too much of these types of food so you don’t have unevenly colored teeth.

Chewing soft, edible food, brushing and flossing regularly, using a mouth guard, and eating healthy foods can make your dental implants last longer.These suggestions can help you keep that beautiful pearly-white smile for many years to come.

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