Teeth Misalignment: Why You Need to Correct It

Someone holding an Invisalign in their handFor many, good oral health only includes brushing their teeth and visiting their dentists. However, besides treating periodontal disease and tooth cavity, you also need to see an orthodontist in Enfield when you suffer from teeth misalignment or malocclusion. Orthodontists, such as those from Cuffley Village Dental Practice, say that many patients who have malocclusion exhibit teeth crowding, uneven spacing, or upper and lower teeth that don’t meet when they close their mouths.

There are many kinds of teeth misalignment. One is having an underbite, where the lower teeth jut farther than the upper teeth. The opposite is the overbite. You can also develop crooked teeth, as well as gapped teeth, an open bite, and overcrowded teeth. Although these are common, they should not be treated as normal because of their possible effects on your health.

1. They can cause speech problems.

Your mouth, especially the way your tongue rolls off, is necessary for speech and pronunciation. For example, when you pronounce sibilants, such as the s sounds, you raise the tongue toward the back of the upper front teeth. People with overbites, however, may mispronounce it as th.

2. They can lead to TMJ disorder.

TMJ disorder is a condition affecting the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) composed of two bones found in the upper and lower parts of the mouth. These joints play a huge role in different activities, such as chewing and biting. They can also cause tremendous pain. The actual cause of the disorder is hard to determine, but one of the common contributing factors is a misalignment. The bones will try to compensate for the misalignment, forcing them to move from their proper position.

Misalignments, therefore, can decrease self-confidence and cause body pain. The good news is you can correct these problems when you seek help from an orthodontist in Enfield who can recommend the best treatment that suits your condition. Don’t take misalignments lightly. Correct them as early as possible and consult with your orthodontist to know the right treatment for you.

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