Adaptability of Cantilever Pallet Racking Makes Shelving Efficient

WarehouseIf your warehouse inventory often includes bulky materials, you might have noticed the usual pallet racks are not strong enough to support the weight. Fortunately, you may opt for cantilever support structures that are robust and rigid. However heavy your inventory may be, you can be sure cantilever racks will not collapse under the weight.

Here are other ways cantilevers can make shelving more efficient:

Zero vertical obstructions

While the support structure of pallet racks may not allow for the shelving of longer items such as lumber, pipes and steel, the free standing structure of cantilevers offers no vertical obstructions to whatever you may want to store. The efficiency of the design of this type of storage means you can fully maximize your vertical storage space.

The support structure of a cantilever pallet racking system is made up of arms, bases, bracing and columns. It is these four components, together, that are responsible for ensuring the racking system is firm enough to support long and bulky materials.

Maximum Support

The base of cantilevers anchors to the floor of your warehouse, and you can position the bases strategically to occupy a larger area. Doing so can increase the surface area for easy weight management.

The arms, which can either be straight or inclined depending on the application, provide horizontal support to the items you are storing. Straight cantilever arms, however,  typically come with welded end-lips to reduce the likelihood of warehouse accidents. Columns mounted into the base provide vertical support to the arms. These vary in size depending on racking capacity.

Lastly, the bracing supports the horizontal lines that link one column to the next. You can customize the length and width of braces depending on the size of the items you want to store and your warehouse racking layout.

Many warehouse owners prefer cantilever pallet racking to other racking systems for their compact design and high level of versatility. Owners who wish to store long and bulky products, will find the ideal solution in cantilevers.


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