4 Tools & Equipment to Help You Get Better in Skateboarding

Man skating a half pipe
The type and quality of the tools and equipment you use will determine how good you become at skateboarding. Thankfully, there is absolutely no shortage of skating-related items on the market. If you know where to look, you can even buy them at affordable prices.

What sort of gears do you need to take your skills to the next level? Here’s a list of some of the must-haves:

Skate Ramps, Rails, and Grind Boxes

Regardless of your age or level, the right skateboard quarter pipe ramp, round rail, and grind box can further improve your skating skills. OC Ramps and professional skaters recommend choosing one that you can easily move around, and then add a new one gradually as you go along.

Skateboard Deck

Getting the right skateboard can enhance your skating experience. Skateboards come in different sizes and designs. Depending on your height, size, and experience (skill level), choose a skateboard deck that feels comfortable under your feet. You may also want to check the quality of the deck’s setup to ensure that your board lasts as long as possible.


When it comes to footwear, think of three things: comfort, safety, and support. Invest in the right kind of socks and shoes. What makes skating footwear unique from your average sneakers and socks is that it’s resilient and strong. It’s designed to avoid wear and tear brought by repeated contact with concrete, metal, and other surfaces during skating sessions. In addition, it’s light and has a flat sole to allow you to do tricks effortlessly.

Clothing and Protective Gear

If you’ve been skating for a while, you know that falling off the board is part of the game. This calls for the need of suitable clothing and protective gear to shield you from injuries. Go for pants and long-sleeved shirts made of a strong material, like thick cotton. If that combination is uncomfortable for you, you can simply buy knee and elbow pads.

While your prowess at skating comes down to your dedication to the sport, there is no replacement for the right equipment on your way to the top. Taking your time to choose the ideal tools and equipment will pay both immediate and long-term dividends.