4 Cost-Efficient Ways to Improve Home Security

A paper house surrounded by a chained padlock, representing security There are many simple tricks you can do to help improve the security of your home and the safety of your family. Here are four simple tips you can use this year without going overboard on your household budget.

Give Everyone a Set of Keys.

If everyone in your family has his or her set of keys, they don’t need to stand and wait in the driveway or front door for a long period of time until someone opens the door. A lot can happen in that time, similar to the risks you take when you leave your car to open the garage.

There are key cutting services that can provide you with individual sets of keys for the entire household. If your children are old enough, consider giving them a set of keys to the house or at least the front door. This will limit the need to hide your keys in plain sight.

Don’t Let the Mail Pile Up.

An overflowing mailbox can tell people that you’re not home. If you’re going for an extended vacation, consider getting a forwarding address or ask your neighbour or friend to collect your mail for you.

Maintain Your Garden and Yard.

Similar to an overflowing mailbox, overgrown shrubs can signal to burglars that nobody’s home. Make sure your yard and garden are well maintained. If you don’t have the time for sprucing it up, delegate it.

Conceal All Electrical Wires.

This is especially important if your home has an alarm system installed. Burglars scout a house several times for quick entry signs. If you hide your electrical wires, it will be hard for them to tap the wires and make a clean entry. More often than not, they will become discouraged and look for an easier target.

Keeping a Safe, Full House

Upgrading your home security doesn’t mean you need to bust your budget. If you want to improve overall home security, consider these four tips and keep your family secure.

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