Interior Design: Variety Types of Wall Cladding for Your Home

Wall CladdingFor people who love interior design or anyone who is into house decorating, wall cladding is not a new thing and it is a frequently discussed topic among homeowners. Cladding serves as protection for your home, giving it better insulation and also it serves as a decoration.

Depending on the type and quality of the cladding, most wall cladding jobs are very durable and they can last up to fifty years if they are well taken care of. Generally, cladding is installed by professionals, manufacturer or supplier. To learn which cladding is suitable for your new home, here are several types of wallcovering you need to know.

  1. Metal Cladding – This type of cladding is best for retaining heat during summer or winter. If it is maintained properly with layers of paint every few years, metal cladding’s durability will improve for a longer period of time.
  2. Wood Cladding – This type of cladding is very popular and it suits all types of homes giving it a minimalist and sophisticated look. Although wood cladding is a great natural insulator, it also requires more maintenance since it gets worn out quickly and it is not fire resistant.
  3. Stone Cladding – This type of cladding is famous for its elegance look and it complements all types of environments. It is very durable and can last up to many years. However, the stone cladding can be expensive and requires more efforts on the labour. You may want to opt for brick cladding since it is easy to work with and is also a great insulator.
  4. Concrete Cladding – This is the contemporary type of cladding because it creates a sleek modern design that requires little maintenance. It is also strong and a great insulator. If you wish to design some patterns on your wall, concrete cladding is what you need.
  5. Vinyl Cladding – If you want cladding that requires no maintenance, vinyl cladding is just right for you. Not only it is economical, it also suits all types of homes. The latest manufactured vinyl cladding has improved their insulation and their durability. However, not all vinyl cladding can stand salty air and an extremely hot and dry environment.

These are five of the most popular wall cladding people opt for their homes. If you want to know more about other wall covering, you can do your research or ask the assistance of professional personnel to help you choose the right and appropriate cladding for you.

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