Honeymoon Ideas You and Your Spouse Will Enjoy in Singapore

Honeymoon IdeasSingapore may be less than a thousand square kilometres, but it has dozens of places that will make your honeymoon an event that you and your spouse will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Getting married is the beginning of the journey towards a new life of togetherness as a family, where two persons become one, united by their love for each other. This amazing journey starts off with a honeymoon, usually in a place not yet visited by the newlyweds. With regards to place, what better location is more fitting than the beautiful city-state of Singapore?

In the old times, the newlyweds experience each other in a condition where time and space do not matter. At this time, everything is about the excitement of being together in a magical place, something that Singapore offers, as the Batam travel guide itself will show.

Gardens By The Bay 

Start your magical trip as a couple at Gardens By The Bay, a breathtaking indoor garden that houses thousands of exotic plants from every continent. The sweet fragrance of exotic flowers will add mystique to your honeymoon.

Bukit Batok Town Park

Continue your jaunt down nature’s lane by exploring the beauty of Bukit Batok Town Park. Its majestic landscaped views would surely intensify the romantic feeling you have with each other. Take a stroll its picturesque forest, made more beautiful by the equally beautiful Xiao Guilin.

Singapore River Cruise

Enjoy a romantic cruise down Singapore River and see this lovely city-state from a different angle. Let the wonderful breeze fan the flames of your love for each other as your ride traverses the waters under a clear sky. It is estimated that the ride can last for about 40 minutes.

Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show

As your cruise vessel passes by the Marina Bay Sands, witness the spectacular light and water show which will surely take your breath away. The combination of lasers, water jets and fire geysers dancing under a moonlit sky is surely a sight you both must see on your honeymoon.

Dinner at the Jewel Box

Cap the night with a sumptuous dinner in style at the Jewel Box as it slowly glides over the city. You will both feel your love becoming stronger as you share a timeless dinner while the city below seems to pass you by. What a wonderful and romantic way to end your day!

Singapore may be a small country but it never runs out of magical surprises that will make your honeymoon an event you will both remember forever. Making it your honeymoon destination is the best decision you could ever make.

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