4 Simple and Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Home

Home Upgrades in AucklandHome remodeling can make your home feel new again, and possibly increase its market value. It is also a good time for fixing problems, from leaky pipes to pest problems. Full remodels are pricey, though; they can easily run up thousands in expenses, even when you have a budget.

How much should you pay for remodeling? Experts recommend not spending more than 25% of the value of your home, and to factor in the per square metre cost on basic building projects. To control the cost, start with these minor changes.

1. Improve your kitchen counter.

Your kitchen counter can look sparkling new with glass splashbacks. The space will benefit no matter what design you choose, from a simple clear type splashback to a decorative splashback with patterns. Splashbacks are not just attractive. But they also add protection against spills and dirt to the kitchen, and allow for easy maintenance.

2. Install new shelves.

Use kitchen wall space and install more open shelves for storing your cooking implements, spices, or cookbooks. These are a hit for most home buyers, if they are done well, with taste and style. Why open shelves? They organise your kitchen without affecting the space.

3. Build hidden closets or shelves.

Use the space between your furniture and appliances to add storage. Install roll out closets and shelves to declutter your home. This may take some work, but the effort is worth it.

4. Replace fixtures.

Sometimes, a simple showerhead or faucet replacement can make you feel good about your home again. In addition to the fresh look, new fixtures ensure kitchens and bathrooms are free from mould and germs.

These simple and inexpensive methods can give your home a brand new feel. Try them out and discover the effect of an expensive project — without the big cost.