The Road to a Less Painful and Stressful Moving: What are the DOs and DON’Ts

Moving HacksThe thought of moving into a new home can bring a feeling of excitement and fear at the same. Excitement because you will be facing a new chapter in your life and fear because relocating usually involves a lot of work and preparations.

Luckily, you can do something to reduce the burden of moving out. Read on to find out how.

Before the Move

  • Clean and prepare your new home. Check every area in it to ensure that everything is ready when you move everything. Same goes with your current house, be sure to clean and organize everything especially the bathroom and kitchen
  • Create a place for everything. Designate a container for items you’d like to take with you and things you’d like to donate. That way you can easily schedule which item is for pickup and which are off for disposal.
  • Update all your utility accounts and subscriptions weeks before your scheduled move. Inform your utility providers about your address change, so they can also update your profile.
  • Shop around for estimates on possible moving services you’ll need. Whether you’re looking for movers in Salt Lake City, UT, or just a truck rental service, having many options will give you more chances to save money.

On the Day Itself

  • Double check all your items. Make sure that they are labeled accordingly.
  • To make sure you don’t forget anything, have one last look in every part of your room.
  • Tuck in all your valuables (e.g. IDs, Credit Cards, and Documents) in safe and secure place.
  • Pack food supplies you can munch down during your move. This is necessary when you’re traveling interstate.
  • The day before your big move, confirm the schedule with the mover you’ve hired. This is to ensure that you can proceed smoothly and without any worries.

Make your moving day less of hassle by following these tips and tricks. To keep track of everything, create a master list of all your to-do tasks.