Market Your Brand with a Small Budget

Marketing in Auckland The cost of advertising and almost all activities that involve marketing are not going down; quite the contrary, actually. The budget for such activities is next to non-existent for most small businesses. This is not an excuse, however, to completely ignore your marketing. There are some necessary expenses and to ignore them is to miss out on a lot of opportunities and to court failure. Here are some suggestions on how to market your goods without spending too much, or if you must, at least you know it’s worth it.

Organise a demo or free tastes

Customers love free tastes and demos. Before they spend money on anything, they would appreciate trying it first if they had the chance. So organise a small kiosk for letting people try out your products. You can even set this up in front of your shop to attract walk-ins. Wherever you set it up, make sure to get the necessary permits from the local council. Get a permit for temporary fencing if your event is a bit bigger or if you believe you need extra security, advised an expert from Superfence.

Tap your local community

As you are a small business, your primary market is your local community. One way to tap their potential to market for you is by joining community events. You can even volunteer as a resource speaker. When you do, don’t forget to bring some goods for selling to the event, if this is allowed. If you have the budget, sponsor something. It can be a kids’ football team at the school or a soup kitchen. It’s always good for your brand when people realise you’re helping out and giving back.

Give out your business cards

Don’t let them gather dust on your desk; give them out to anyone. Whenever you meet a supplier or a customer talks to you, give them a card. When you are invited to speak before a group, give them cards. Drop your card in fish bowls around town and pin it on local bulletin boards. Out of all the cards you give out, you’ll get at least a few customers.

These are simple tricks that you can use if you want to get more customers to know your brand. They are not difficult or costly, but they are typically effective.