On Simple Security: Why Padlocks and Chains Still Matter Today

Securing your homeSmart homes are one of the technological advancements we are currently experiencing. This involves improvements in security through the use of innovation, such as automation, alarm systems and surveillance. A home has always been a symbol of safety – a place where we feel protected from all sorts of danger or harm. Before all these, though, what homes had for security were several locks, tall gates and barking dogs.

Today, security and monitoring networks can involve a range of access control solutions. Designed to improve the safety of a building or home, access control systems make the most of the technology. Biometric scanning is one solution you thought was only possible in the movies. This is no longer the case because an integrated security system has made it available to everyone. The use of passwords and thumb or fingerprint scanning is common as part of a security system now, and other biometric technologies, such as iris recognition and hand geometry, are being considered for more advanced buildings.

A Simple Combination

Padlocks and chains, on the one hand, may be security systems of the past, but they can still provide you with the security you need. Albeit the combination’s seemingly primitive mechanics for safekeeping, they remain to be reliable and cheap options.

In New Zealand, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment states that ‘all houses need to be reasonably secure’. Landlords, for instance, have to provide locks and security devices to their tenants. This just goes to show how padlocks and chains still matter today.

A Brief History of Padlocks

Dating back to 500 BCE, the oldest padlocks hailed from the Roman Empire. These archaic locks showcased a rounded iron plate body measuring an inch and a half by two inches and a half. The body of the lock had a bold that worked with a key, and instead of a bearing a shackle, these locks sported a chain that linked itself to the body. This design enabled the bolt to fasten and retract itself into the chain’s tail.

Present-day padlocks still have the same principle when it comes to security. The difference, though, is the wide selection of locks and chains, as there are multiple types and designs. The most common padlocks use a heavyweight and durable alloy in their build. Homes and buildings with no financial resources to the technologies of smart homes can still rely on padlocks and chains in upholding safety.

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