Helpful and Easy-to-Follow Hacks for Your First Housewarming Party

Housewarming PartyCongratulations for finally moving to your new home! Now that you’ve settled in, you may want to give yourself a chance at hosting your first housewarming party. If you want it to be a little classier than your typical college beer bashes, consider the following pointers.

Canapés – While setting the food out for your many guests, there’s a chance some may arrive early. Canapés are delicious bite-sized morsels served at the beginning of a party to help tide over everyone’s appetites. You can order these delightful tidbits from a restaurant or search online for simple recipes. Mostly served chilled, canapés help you move out of the college lifestyle of serving junk food before the main course.

Meat and Vegetables – For the main course, prepare a meat recipe and have your cuts marinated the night before. You can prepare your sidings of vegetables for the main dish while you put your meats in the slow cooker a few hours before the party. If you don’t have a slow cooker, use a recipe that requires boiling, broiling or baking your meats then include the vegetables in the last twenty to thirty minutes of cooking. The flavor of the meat and spices will infuse your veggies while the short cooking time will keep them firm and crunchy.

Party Settings – Since you live solo, chances are your table won’t be able to accommodate more than three friends. If you expect a lot of visitors, bring your feast into the largest room or space available and let your guests lounge on the floor or sofa. Better yet, contact a party rental company and rent a few tables, chairs, and a big tent, so you can set the celebration up in your front yard or garden. And you may want to have a buffet setup instead of the typical table settings.

Besides good food, remember to be gracious and social. Put your guests first and make sure that they are enjoying your company. Most of all do enjoy the meal you’ve set up since it is the crowning glory of your celebration.