Ways to Close the Gap in Between Teeth

Diastema (Gap) in TeethWhile you may not be bothered by the gap between your two front incisors, some individuals obviously are. The gap in between teeth can be a major source of confidence and self-esteem issues especially among teenagers and young adults. Mostly for aesthetic reasons, closing the gap between teeth can also serve other purposes. For some, closing the gap may mean not having to worry anymore about food particles getting wedged in the space.

Known as diastema among dental professionals, gaps in between teeth can be a sign of problems in the structure of either the teeth or the jawbone or both. In some cases, diastema can be a sign of a labial frenulum that has grown considerably larger than usual. Whatever the cause, closing the gap can surely have its advantages.

How do dentists close the gap?

  • If the gap is small and is the result of teeth misalignment, dental braces in North London¬†from AuraDentalLondon.co.uk as well as dental aligners may be used to realign teeth. This requires the application of braces onto the surface of the teeth to gradually push misaligned teeth back into its place.
  • If the gap is brought about by an enlarged frenulum, surgical correction is often necessary. An incision is made on the frenulum to remove excess tissue. This can lead to significant gains in the return of the teeth to its normal position, closing the gap.
  • Dental bonding is often the preferred choice in closing the gap in between teeth. A composite material that closely resembles the colour of natural tooth is meticulously shaped onto the surface of the teeth to gradually fill in the space. The composite material is then hardened before being polished to give it continuity with the natural tooth surface.
  • Teeth-effect bands are the most practical way to close the gap. These are elastic bands that are slipped on the teeth overnight in an effort to draw the teeth closer together, effectively reducing the space in between. However, if the tension is great, the band can pull the other tooth out of its alignment.
  • Dental veneers are the costlier alternative to closing the gap in between teeth. Dental composite material is bonded to the front surface of the teeth slightly extended well into the space to cover the gap.

There are many ways to close the gap in between teeth. The important thing to remember is to always consult with your dentist in order to determine the best approach for your case.