Need Precision? Swiss is the Name You can Count on

WatchFrom Swiss Guards to Swiss watches, Swiss is a name that has been associated with quality like no other. And Pope Francis would even nod in approval, as he cannot deny that his small army of bodyguards is his last line of defense in case of an attack.

Switzerland may be a small country but its exports of human capital have wowed the world for centuries. Before the Swiss Guards lent itself to the Holy See, it has served in various royal courts of Europe. This is why even in precision, the Swiss is one most coveted – you may have heard of Swiss watches, and how its Swiss machine shops make extremely fine timepieces of so astounding accuracy it is already synonymous to painstaking quality.

And as the case with all good things beautiful, this has transcended into many other areas – including the fine craft of manufacturing, Berkness Swiss notes.

Proven Swiss Quality

One mark of unparalleled craftsmanship that has been lorded over by the Swiss is watches. If a watch needs to turn heads, it has to have the internal workings of a Swiss expertise. Take that away and the chronometer would drop its value in a moment’s notice. From Rolex to Patek Philippe, being of Swiss make makes the watch valuable – as if by magic.

Perhaps reason enough that Rolex moved its HQ from England to Switzerland.

Making Tools

And when you go into manufacturing engineering, Swiss has once again become almost a guarantee of excellence. Many job shops eager to make themselves competitive have found multifunction Swiss type lathes as favorable especially when the needed output is high. For this reason, getting a Swiss machine shop to work on needed high-volume requirements is most fitting; in fact, most manufacturers even require some of their components to be Swiss-made.

Truth to tell, Swiss is a mark of excellence. Even Pope Francis would be proud.

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