How Information Can Save You and Your Implants

dentalFor improved stability, dental implants are often recommended to patients who had a lost a tooth or two. Specialists across the country perform about 10,000 implant procedures on the lower gum each year, with most of the patients over 65 years old.

While this is a fairly good number, dental implants are far from being commonplace. In fact, most patients have not heard of them prior to the procedure. If taken care of properly, these implants can effectively restore missing teeth, leaving any patient satisfied with the results.  In contrast, not knowing how to properly maintain them can cause grave problems.


One complication is known as peri-implantitis, a bacterial infection affecting the soft and hard tissues around the implant. This infection can lead to gum inflammation and in severe cases, to bone loss of the jaw itself.

If detected immediately, the inflammation can be treated. In cases where patients allow it to progress, it can cause the bone to waste away and eliminate the support for the implant. Even worse, the bone loss will be permanent.

The role of consultation

Most of the patients who reported failure had very little knowledge of how the implant works and had not bothered to ask. A combined lapse on the part of the dentist and the patient results in undisclosed risks.

One the onset, patients should receive substantial information of their dental implants. Richmond dentists say informative consultations are essential so that the dentist can thoroughly assess the patient’s suitability for this particular treatment.

Things to remember

Like your natural teeth and roots, you must clean and maintain your implants regularly. Bacterial infection can be a direct result of poor dental hygiene. If you notice any inflammation of the gums or any deterioration of the implant, never hesitate to consult your dentist. They can address whatever resolvable problem there is at hand.

Generally, implant dentistry has enjoyed numerous successful cases. On your part, do some research and understand the risks to avoid being one of the few failed cases.

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