Three Aspects of Cleanliness that Kitchen Cooks Should Keep in Mind

Kitchen CleanlinessIn the restaurant business, food, great service and ambience are not the only things that make a good reputation. Cleanliness is one of the factors that can make or break a restaurant business. When people enter a bistro, they expect it to be sanitary and well maintained.

Here are some of the basic cleanliness guidelines that restaurant owners and aspiring cooks must keep in mind:

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is an etiquette that every culinary professional should maintain. Staff handling the food should always wash their hands. Some establishments even require their cooks to shave their facial hair and cut their nails. If you or one of your staff members is sick, the kitchen should be off-limits. The last thing you want is to spread the virus and make other people ill.

Proper Work Uniform

Chef Works Australia also highlights proper uniform as a factor in sanitation. The basics would cover hairnets to prevent any stowaways on the food. Kitchen cloths and even gloves should be clean to standards. Even from the get-go, chef clothes must not look rugged. Apart from serving as protection during kitchen duties, the chef jackets and pants will improve the standard of cleanliness of the restaurant.

Sanitary Procedures

Now that the line cooks know how to maintain their hygiene, dress up and look good, the third part covers the basic kitchen procedures. The kitchen staff should know the appropriate practices to ensure cleanliness. One example is separating different serving spoons to prevent cross-contamination of food products. Other practices such as the proper freezing, thawing, storing, labelling and prepping should be standard knowledge in the culinary industry.

The integrity of a restaurant business doesn’t only depend on customer satisfaction, but also on its overall performance and appearance. Unless you want to end up with a zero on your next inspection, cleanliness should be one of your priorities.

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