The Case of the Most Expensive Apartment Sold in NY

NY AppartmentNew York City is the dream home of thousands of people across the world. Its highly advanced society and shiploads of business and work opportunities make it one of the most coveted cities on the planet.

For rich people, however, one reason to live in the Big Apple is because of the stylish and luxurious apartments. For real estate agents, this is the one opportunity you should be looking for. Closing a deal on a million-dollar property can give you profit enough to last for many years.

Essence of High-quality Education

Selling exclusive properties doesn’t rely too much on pure luck. You need to have the right skillset and knowledge in the industry. The agents from CBT Real Estate say that taking real estate courses helps hone your skills. With enough learning, you can end up as successful as Kyle Blackmon.

Kyle Blackmon, who is one of the richest real estate agents under 30, hit the papers after securing a deal worth $88 million. He sold a luxury apartment to Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovleva. Back in 2011, it was the most expensive apartment sold in New York City.

Exceptional Apartment Features

The lush penthouse used to belong to Sandy Weill, the former Chairman and CEO of Citigroup. It sits on 15 Central Park West, giving its residents a good view of the city. The unit features an interior space of 6,744 sq. ft. plus the 2,077 sq. ft. of the terrace area surrounding the apartment, which is accessible through the 19 glass doors around the place.

Although it only has four bedrooms, the penthouse has six and a half bathrooms. The master bedroom, in particular, is originally of a standard rectangular design. But it was redesigned to an oval shape to give its residents a clear view of the rising sun over Central Park in the morning.

In the real estate industry, there are always big opportunities for big players. Step up your game by honing your skills and knowledge in selling properties. You never know when those opportunities will come.

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