Workplace Safety: Why You Should Also Care About Ergonomics

Ergonomics in the workplaceMost people have the idea that workplace safety is all about signs, trainings, and policies. Although these are three undeniably important aspects, there is much more to OHS. For instance, you have to factor in ergonomics when drafting a workplace safety policy.

Below, Strategic Safety Australia, Australia’s top occupational health and safety consultants, have provided an explanation why this is the case:

The Value of Ergonomics

By definition, ergonomics covers how an area – along the equipment and items in that area – contributes to the overall comfort and efficiency of a person. In a workplace environment, it pertains to the design of everything in the office and whether or not it’s ideal for staff members.

Comfort and productivity, however, are just two things that ergonomics covers. More than anything, it is also a field of study that focuses on immediate and long-term safety.

Its most obvious benefit is that it prevents different musculoskeletal disorders. The field encourages that every employee works in the most optimal condition possible, complete with proper body positioning, comfortable workstation dimensions, and more. This focus reduces the potential impact of manual handling and repetitive movement whilst doing work.

The Road to Better Workplace Safety

Indeed, ergonomics holds a great value in improving OHS. What’s even better is that it’s not even difficult to integrate the concept in a strategy for any workplace. You just have to find time to assess whether or not the equipment your staff members use feature ergonomic designs. Inspect everything – the chairs and desks, the office layout, the computers, the lighting, and the temperature.

Support the policy you implement in the workplace and involve the workers in the implementation. Provide proper documentation and training on a regular basis. Spot ergonomic hazards and potential problems in the area early on and make proper adjustments to deal with them.

Go beyond what national and international standards say about workplace safety. Adopt a practical mindset and focus on ergonomics when ensuring workplace safety, too. After all, an employee who works comfortably works safely.

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