Avian Love: The Irreplaceable Benefits of Backyard Birding

birdThe British loves backyard birding so much it could pass for a national pastime. This is why in almost every household in the UK, bird feeders are never absent amongst garden supplies, says LongAcres.co.uk. A shrubbery might not be considered a shrubbery without them for that matter.

Most attract wild birds in their abode for the sheer enjoyment the company of these flying animals brings. Bird watching is not only relaxing, but educational as well, especially for kids. Turning your backyard into a habitat for these wonderful creatures is one of the simplest ways to invite nature into your home.

But, backyard birding does more amazing things than that. Feeding birds is helpful in:

Wild Bird Survival

Contrary to popular belief, bird feeding should not only be done during winter. Food shortages may occur in any given season, putting different avian species at risk of population decrease, or worse, extinction.
With the right set of foods, feeding them all year round gives birds a better chance of surviving in the wild.

Natural Pest Control

Other than feeds, birds feast on insects and worms that are considered pests in your backyard. If you are growing edibles, bird feeders are a healthier alternative to insecticides and other commonly used chemicals to kill such vermin in your garden.

In addition, some birds feed on weeds that not only makes your landscape unsightly, but also snatch food from your plants.

Flower Pollination

Certain flowers owe their beauty to the hard work of certain avian animals. As excellent pollinators, birds facilitate the process of fertilisation and reproduction of flower-bearing plants. Without their help, gardening would a harder endeavour.

Bird feeding is generally beneficial to everybody, but giving your adorable backyard visitors the wrong nourishment may do more harm than good. Know the most suitable mixture of feeds to buy for a particular season to avoid any negative effect on wild birds and their nestlings.

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