What Well-Groomed Men Do

local barberWhat is the essence of a man? Funnily enough, this question is not thrown as often as “What is the essence of a woman?”

If you, however, think of the epitome of masculinity, who comes to mind? James Bond, probably, but let’s stick to people, not characters.

Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender, or Jude Law should be topping your list. While these men can never be replicated, they all have one thing in common, at least at a certain point in their lives or careers, a beard—a well-maintained one, at that. The first mentioned, Leonidas, hails from the manliest nation.

One thing a well-maintained beard can tell you about a man is that he is a well-groomed one. Now, wouldn’t you like to be one?

The Groom Room spills the beans on some of the habits these men religiously practice.

Regular Visits to the Local Barber

Well-groomed men know their barbers and come in for regular trims and grooming. This keeps it at its ideal length and creates a uniform look for the man, one that is precise and flattering.

When you grow a beard, it is best to have your local barber have a look at it to show you how to properly maintain and groom it on your own.


The age of cavemen has passed and ignorance is no longer bliss. Learning how to properly keep the hair in your nether regions trimmed will be much appreciated. Keep it neat.

Manscaping is in, if you are not in on it yet, it is the best time to start.


A man who keeps himself clean, scrubs his entire body. From the face, to the body and down to the feet, the well-groomed man knows which products work best for his skin type and lifestyle.

From choosing the right facial wash, moisturiser, bath gel and foot cream, men with good grooming know the importance of good hygiene.

If you practice these habits, then congratulations for being a part of an almost dying breed. For those who haven’t quite figured it out, try these habits before jumping into something you aren’t ready for.

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