Before It’s Too Late: Getting Regular General Health Screening

General health screening involves a variety of medical tests conducted by doctors. In many countries, it is a common component of healthcare. Undergoing testing is undoubtedly one of the most vital things you must ideally do for optimum health. The specific tests done to you will generally be based on your sex, age, and medical history.

Why is General Health Screening Important?

The primary goal of undergoing regular general health screening Singapore specialist highly recommend is to try and detect medical conditions or diseases early on, when they’re still in their early stages and are easier to treat. It is also a great way to monitor your overall health since the screening tests will provide you and your doctor an organised medical record for future use.

Furthermore, the variety of tests will also aid in revealing your risk factors. In general, a risk factor is defined as a health condition or behaviour that puts you at risk for certain diseases. These include obesity and high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol among others, which can consequently result in cancer, diabetes, or heart conditions. Familiarising yourself with your risk factors will give you an opportunity to make healthy changes to your lifestyle and prevent related diseases.

Basic General Health Screening Programme

Basically, a general health screening programme includes the following:

  • A thorough review of you and your family’s medical history, as well as present symptoms, health conditions, and medications whenever applicable
  • A physical exam that includes obtaining your blood pressure level and a meticulous inspection of your primary body systems
  • A variety of lab tests typically including urine and blood tests to aid in detecting diseases and checking your internal bodily functions that can’t be inspected during a physical exam. These tests likewise aid in coming up with more accurate diagnosis, assessing the status of a disease, and keeping track of treatment
  • Additional tests can include X-ray, ultrasound, E.C.G., Pap smear for the women, and cancer screening.

Keep in mind that most diseases are actually preventable by making healthy modifications to your lifestyle. While some diseases can’t really be prevented, you can lower its impact to your health through early detection via undergoing regular general health screening.

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