Power Flushing Myths and Legends

Power FlushingThere are not very many things in the plumbing industry that can hold a person’s genuine interest for very long. Fortunately, a select few things within this line of work are not just interesting, but have their own mythology. One very good example of these elevated elements is power flushing.

The All-Powerful Flushing

The simplest possible explanation of what power flushing is can be found on Warm and Dry Plumbing Services website, it is a process of de-scaling and cleaning a central heating system. The method cleans out iron oxide sludge that builds up over years of rust, and allows the system to work more efficiently. This is really all there is to power flushing, but there is just something about the term and the process that lends itself to starting and propagating myths.

These stories are good for sparking interest in plumbing, but it is a false picture that responsible professionals should dispel wherever they appear. The most significant story regarding power flushing is that the process can fix the broken parts of a boiler.

Power flushing can clean any part of a boiler, and this can make them more efficient, but it will not fix anything that is already broken. It is unclear where or how this story began, but it is important to get it out of the way before people begin setting unrealistic expectations of what plumbers can do with power flushing.

The Not-So-Impressive Power Flushing

There are also myths on the other side of the spectrum, which contend that people can perform power flushing on their own. According to the myth, anyone can simply connect a hose to the boiler’s drain off point and let the water run out until it is clean. The problem with this method is that it only cleans one path, not the whole system.

The results of draining a boiler do not even compare to what power flushing can accomplish, with most professionals estimating the method to only be twenty percent effective in comparison. Performing power flushing without any plumbing training can be very dangerous, as it is a very good way to waste time, money, as well as damage the system even further.

Power flushing is a fascinating subject to be sure, but only if people get their facts straight. It is a very effective cleaning method that requires proper training, not a fix everything solution that anyone can do.

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