Hit by a Google Penalty? 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do

Building more linksGoogle has been pushing different algorithm updates to its engine for years now – and these come with penalties. The search giant issues penalties as a measure to improve every searcher’s browsing experience. Nonetheless, a penalty is still enough to generate panic from site owners, especially because the rankings would suffer a lot.

You shouldn’t lose sleep over a penalty. Every SEO company in Minneapolis can help you recover if your site suffered from a Google hit. What you should do is avoid these actions that may aggravate the situation:

Build Links

If your site has a penalty, there’s probably something wrong with your backlink portfolio. The hard truth is that you don’t have a good link profile – at least not yet.

The last thing you want to do is build more links pointing to the penalized site. Your best course of action is to stop all link building efforts and run an assessment on which URLs and domains are bringing your site down. Most likely, you’d have to disavow some links from your site to keep it spam-free again. Remember that it’s safer to remove links than to add some when you just got hit by a penalty.

File a Reconsideration Request

In the face of a penalty, you need to file a reconsideration request to Google. You shouldn’t do this step right away, though. When you file this request, you’re telling Google that you have complied with its guidelines—thus, there’s no need for a penalty. If you haven’t done the proper adjustments before the request, Google might not lift your penalty.

Keep Your Old Practices

A penalty, in its basic sense, is a wake-up call. It’s a sign that tells you something is not completely right with your SEO practices. Proceeding with your campaign as if nothing happened would be a bad idea. You have to find out what’s wrong with what you do before you start climbing the SERPs again.

A penalty is quite disheartening, but it shouldn’t make you act rashly. Calm down, relax, and think about what went wrong with your methodology. Most importantly, avoid the things that could dig a deeper hole for your website.

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