The Primavera P6 EPPM: Ensure Project Success

Primavera P6 Enterprise Portfolio ManagementThe Primavera P6 Enterprise Portfolio Management by Oracle is a robust, user-friendly, and powerful software solution used to schedule, plan, evaluate, and manage programs, projects, and portfolios. It offers an entirely web-based solution to manage small to bigger projects, adapts to a variety of complexity levels on all projects, and intuitively adjusts to address the requirements of every skill level, function, and the role of people in your team.

Guaranteed Success on all Programs and Projects with Primavera P6

LoadSpring says the Primavera P6 is an integrated EPPM, or enterprise project portfolio management application that features functionality described as role-based, in order to effectively match all the responsibilities and requirements of all members in a given project. It offers managers a real-time image of the performance of projects and programs and arms project members with the most suitable combination of versatility, power, and usability to ensure completion and success of projects.

It also allows users, regardless of rank, included in the projects to thoroughly assess, record, collaborate, and share pertinent project information in order to make more informed project decisions. Likewise, it can effortlessly and seamlessly adapt its operations to fit one or several users to over 10,000 people doing a variety of tasks across a wide variety of other different projects. The Primavera program management solution boasts of the robust JAVA architecture to provide superior performance, coupled with versatile integration, security, and real-time analytics and reporting.

Main Features of the Primavera P6

• User-friendly and flexible interface
• Interfaces for all users for easy task status updating
• Simple and efficient reporting
• Risk management
• Management of resources
• Workflow engine for easy automation of project processes

Main Benefits of the Primavera P6

• Effectively connect shareholders with managers and project members via strong collaboration and feedback techniques.
• Optimize resource management for maximum return on investment (ROI).
• Lower the risk of scheduling and operating cost overruns.
• Envision and keep track of the project or program performance against the primary plan.

Why Choose Primavera P6?

Simply put, it’s because plenty of successful companies use it. Over 375 out of the United States’ 400 prominent engineering companies, as well as federal and military agencies also use Primavera program management solutions for their various programs and projects. Once you decide to use the Primavera P6, consult with specialists experienced in its training, implementation, and deployment to ensure project success all the time.

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