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London's Housing PropertyLondon has always been a hotspot for homebuyers – whether you are a millennial looking to invest your hard-earned money or looking for a change of scenery for the family. Property and buying experts, like say the increase in prices in the most coveted areas of town is allowing smaller districts a bigger potential for growth.

Tottenham Hale

Tottenham is one of the best spots for first-time homebuyers and young career professionals. This district boasts cheap and quick transport links to the centre while promising big developments, such as green homes, a 1,200-room student campus, residential skyscraper and innovative private rental accommodations.

Oal Oak Common

Oal Oak Common might be a lesser-known west London district, but it is building quite a name now. It is becoming recognised as a transportation super hub as it has one of the best transport dynamics, where HS2 and Crossrail are to integrate. The district is ideal to those who want a countrified life while not being too far off from the centre of commerce and business.


Euston is going through a serious rejuvenation and redevelopment plan. It is going to be an attractive district, far from its previous image of a place to just pass through rather than a place to live. There will be more new homes and it will look the opposite of congested, making it ideal for young professionals and first time buyers who want an easy market and a peaceful neighbourhood.


Whitechapel has been one of the cheapest districts in the fringe of the city, but not for long. It is going through an extension that aims to boost the city from drab to dazzling. The expansion is looking to bring hundreds of new homes and tech and media start-ups. While it is still cheap, market watchers recommend checking out the district.


Woolwich is more than an up-and-coming district. Once its new station opens, it is set to become quite the commuters’ hub. It will allow travellers and locals to reach Canary Wharf in eight minutes, the city in fourteen, and Heathrow in fifty without changing trains. Apart from the ease of travel, Woolwich also boasts beautiful apartments and well-designed houses.

Whichever of the districts you decide to settle in, it is important to consult with experts and to consider your lifestyle. Do you prioritise eco-friendliness over architecture and design? Do you want an easier travel or a more secluded and peaceful environment? No matter your priorities and lifestyle choices, London has it all.

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