Hong Kong: The City of High Profile Crimes

hongkongHong Kong’s recent kidnapping revived memories of the high-profile crimes that used to colour its records, despite being one of the safest cities in the world. A robbing of a luxury home and kidnapping of one of the residents alarmed the citizens of Hong Kong, which used to be the site of sensational kidnappings targeting the richest families. The kidnappers fled with HK $28 million ransom.

The woman was released unharmed and was later, on a separate report, identified as the granddaughter of the late Law Ting-Pong, also known as the Knitwear King, the founder of the Bossini clothing brand. Hong Kong is one of the world’s safest cities, but has gone through several high-profile kidnappings, especially during the 80’s and 90’s.

Big Time Crooks and Ransom Deals

It is not called the City of Riches for nothing. The wealth is great for the economy, but also makes a grand bait for malicious high-profile crimes. While the threat of kidnapping and other crimes never really run low, the city is never short of skilled defence lawyers, like the team behind Haldanes Solicitors & Notaries, who have a wealth of experience in dealing with Hong Kong crimes.

Families of billionaires and tycoons especially need to protect their legacy and wealth with the best lawyers they can find. The biggest kidnappings Hong Kong witnessed involves million dollar ransoms. The case every resident probably remembers was Teddy Wang, founder of Chinachem group, who was kidnapped twice. First, for $11 million ransom last 1983 and in 1990, for $34 million.

A Criminal Defence Lawyer at Beck

While law enforcement agencies can do their best to help you get to the bottom of high-end cases and crimes like the ones Hong Kong witnessed recently and many years ago, it’s still a smart choice to have a defence lawyer who knows you and your family well. Not only does it keep the trust, but it also helps speed the process and actions.

You may not think you need a criminal defence lawyer right now, but when you do find yourself in an ugly situation, you will wish you had. Hong Kong can buff up its security, its law enforcement agencies can toughen up, but in the end, you can only trust yourself and your team. Not only can defence lawyers protect you, your investment and your legacy, but they can save lives as well.

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