Relationship Goals: Why Do You Keep the Love Alive?

Stay in a RelationshipEver wonder how some people managed to stay committed with their partners for years? Did you ever imagine how your parents fell in love and worked on their marriage for so long? Why, despite two people’s differences and endless bickering, they choose to stay?

Couples in long-term relationships seem to exude a special brand of magic. After all, in this day of instant messaging and one-night stands, staying in love has become some sort of a milestone.

Here are possible reasons people commit and keep the passion alive in their relationships:

Psychological Growth

Long-term relationships have moments of ups and downs. Ask about it from any expert in relationship counseling—you will soon realize that marriages and domestic partnerships need breaks, too. Compass Family Counseling explains, “Some of your principles and ideals may differ from those of your significant other.” After all, two people will always be two separate individuals with different preferences and priorities. The great thing about this is that some people will still stay because the sincere happiness far outweighs the occasional pain.


As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” Humans are social animals. The joy of sharing an experience with a companion who deeply connects with you may just be the reason that encourages you to stay. Imagine having someone to talk with and listen to while watching your favorite movie, walking at the park, or simply eating out at that new restaurant in town. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people commit just because they’re lonely. Life is simply happier and more satisfying with someone holding your hand.


Rewards pertain to the financial, emotional, and sexual benefits of having a long-term partner. It may sound crass or even shallow, but having someone to share meals and rent with you can be wiser in the long run. You also get emotional rewards when you make someone else happy. Enjoying someone’s body and soul, and having that same person want you back the same way is a special, incomparable feeling.

Add respect, choice, and effort into these three reasons, and you will have a strong recipe for a beautifully deep, consistently satisfying relationship.

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