Top 4 Ways to Look & Feel Young

Take SupplementLet’s face it, you will not feel or look as youthful like you are in your 20s when you reach 40. Those wrinkles and folds you have been trying to hide will only multiply with each passing year. Time will always have the last laugh, but there are ways to help you feel and look young.

Take Supplements

Your body starts to break down, reduce the production of hormones, and feel tired faster when you reach a certain age. You cannot keep pushing yourself to your limits by working overtime every night, running for long hours for exercise, or taking on multiple jobs on weekends.

Your body will need all the help it can get to produce hormones, maintain energy, and reduce stress. Supplements, such as Formula O from, and others will help you look and feel young by producing hormones, easing the signs of menopause, increasing energy, and increasing the blood flow.

Drink Green Tea and Wine

Green tea has anti-aging effects that will help you feel and look younger than your age. This type of tea contains anti-oxidants that fight cancer and protects your skin from free radicals that make you look old. It also promotes youthful looking and supple skin.

Red wine has a potent component, resveratrol, which promotes a healthy heart, reduces the possibility of cancer and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Drink Cabernet Sauvignon as it has high levels of antioxidants. Keep your wine drinking to one glass with a meal to weaken the inflammatory effects of alcohol.

Exercise and Meditation

Who says you cannot exercise because you are too old? Yoga and Pilates are ideal exercises for older gym goers as they are low-intensive and have no age limit. They improve posture and flexibility, and boosts energy levels. Do not worry about your lack of flexibility as these exercises have different poses that are doable, even for older participants.

Other than providing you with much needed exercise, Pilates and Yoga helps you relax and unwind. There are meditative poses in Yoga that reduce stress and free your mind from worries at work or at home.

You cannot stop aging, but taking supplements, drinking wine and green tea, exercise, and meditation will slow down the process and make you look and feel young.

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