Get Some Supplies: Where Every Mechanical Engineering Student Goes for Their Stuff

mechanicalThe profession of mechanical engineering is no joke. It is a serious calling, and student in that field know it better than anyone else. During their stint at university, they have been assigned many projects – all piled on top of another. Build this, build that, get this working, repair that by the next week.

From Perth to Sydney, they have become accustomed to building a lot of things that they have had to be resourceful just to survive their semesters. And throughout the gauntlet of all those engineering projects, Martin Scrap Metals cites three stores that have always been there for them.

The Tool Shed

All mechanical engineering students deal with tools – both manual and powered – in working on their projects. Tool shops have always been lifesavers to all mechanical engineering students, providing everything from mallets to callipers for their needs.

The Machine and Metal Shop

Most mechanical engineering projects are made out of metal for durability and strength. And for the students, the metal shop is where they get their material. The merchants here provide everything from steel, copper, aluminium, brass to iron. Like sculptors, the students source their metals from here and turn them into a thing of beauty, like say, a wind turbine that can generate electricity – with the added electronics of course.

The Junk Yard

Unbeknownst to most people, dumpster diving has its benefits. Most engineering students that build very complex projects usually needs a variety of parts. And to these parts at a good price, they will resort to sourcing it from the junk shop. These second-hand equipment can potentially provide a lot of hardware. These are good sources, especially if they are looking for cheap scrap and junk like galvanised iron, or wire, and the like.

Taking up engineering is difficult, as it not only takes hard work, but quite the resourcefulness too.

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