Put the “Right” Ring on It: Choosing the Best Diamond Cut

best diamond cutWhen it comes to choosing the best diamond cut, the notion that bigger is better has long been obsolete. Today, people prefer elegance to grandeur, sophistication to quantity. The style that comes with smaller and finer cuts is now the vision of many diamond enthusiasts.

The quest for the perfect diamond doesn’t stop there. Your impulse to go for the one with the most aesthetic appeal is reasonable. But it can end up being a mistake costing you $10,000 worth of regret if you’re not more discerning.

AAAJewelryUtah.com, certified jewelry experts, helps you pick out the diamond ring that best suits you.

Square Palms with Long Fingers

It’s easy to know if you have long fingers. If your middle finger is almost as long as your palm, you have them. In this case, a heart shape or a pear cut would suit you best. The rounded shape of the diamonds, in contrast to the vertical length of your finger, will give your hand the right look of balance.

Square Palms with Short Fingers

Short fingers can be a source of insecurity for some girls. They shouldn’t be! Short fingers possess an appeal that long fingers don’t. Especially if you put emerald cut diamond rings on them. The sharp angles of the diamond will contrast nicely with the soft edges of your fingers, and the roundness of your palm. As a bonus feature, experts say those who go for emerald cut take delight in taking risks and in the anticipation of the unexpected.

Rectangular Palms with Long Fingers

If you have this, you’re one of the fortunate ones, as almost every cut would look pretty on your dainty fingers. Rectangular palms are not that picky, either. But if you’re aiming for the best, go for the princess cut. The boldness sits nicely with the delicate appearance of your fingers. As a bonus, the relative thickness of the stone complements your slender palm.

Rectangular Palms with Short Fingers

It’s unavoidable that some short-fingered girls aim for designs that offer the illusion of length. This effort is understandable. As such, go for elongated or step cuts, like the marquise or diamonds with a bezel setting. It’s wise to avoid smaller cuts as they could reverse the intended effect.

Remember, diamonds last forever. “Forever” sounds like a long time to spend in discomfort and dissatisfaction. Choose one that looks the best – and feels the best.

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