3 Recycling Ideas for Your Office Desk

office deskDecorating or re-decorating your office space involves more than arranging your personal computer, pens, and notes. You can personalize your space to enjoy work more.

New workers might not want to splurge for new decorations or pay for a decorator. What you can do instead is take out the things you do not need and look for things you can still recycle.

Use That Map from Grade School

Some old world map from your grade or high school days can liven up your desk. You can use this, with a couple of boards, to create the perfect mural. Cut the map into four equal parts and paste into boards.

Using a pen, draw borders on each part, then put them together to cover the desk. Experts in office fitting like TheCaretakers.com.au make sure you have enough space to accommodate all your things. It is up to you to be creative with it.

Wedding Boxes as Organizers

Do you have unused wedding boxes or gift boxes at home? They take too much space, but some of them are too small to actually hold something. Gather the small ones and place them together in one board.

You can then create an organizer for small push pins, paper clips, and the likes. Paint them in different colours to add life to your desk. You can even use boxes as wall art frames.

Don’t Throw the Rocks Away

You might be one of those people who have rocks lying around your house. Choose one and spray it with gold or silver. You now have a unique bookend or a paperweight.

Some kids also make a paperweight out of rocks as a gift. Nothing says you are proud of your child’s creativity by putting them on display.

Whether you have a home or office workstation, there is simple happiness in decorating and doing things yourself. Enjoy your work and be more productive with a workspace you love.

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