How to Make your Home Office more Comfortable

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, feeling comfortable at your workstation should be part of the deal. A well-designed home office can boost productivity and efficiency. The key here is to set boundaries between your workplace and your personal space. To point you in the right direction, here are some ways to improve your work environment.

LED lightProper lighting

The first thing you need to check is your lighting system. There should be enough windows for natural light. You may also look for LED lights to improve the illumination in the area. Consider using overhead lighting in addition to your desk lamp. A combination of natural and artificial lighting can help facilitate reading, writing, and other activities.

Good storage solutions

Remove clutter by organising your files every day. It can be difficult to be more productive with a messy and cluttered workspace. So, make it a habit to de-clutter the desk and put everything where it belongs. Other than filing cabinets and bins, use open shelves that allow you to store your items more conveniently.

Aim for a single-purpose area

You need to separate work with your personal life. If you decide to work from home, make sure you have your own space. Many experienced freelancers suggest having a separate room to avoid distractions. A closed-in area also allows you to make professional phone calls without working about background noise and chatter.

Room temperature

Another thing you should have is a decent air conditioner. Choose the best type for your room. Consider the size and type of AC you want to install in your home office. recommends ducted air conditioning for more efficiency and comfort. Take some time to clean those vents as well and use dehumidifiers to prevent dust and mould.

Get your wires under control

You will probably need extension cords for power supply. Organise by tying them up under the desk. You can tape them to the side of the desk to get rid of all the cables that can distract you while working. You can also be creative and turn these wires into artwork.

You can hire a professional to renovate or remodel your home office, but there are some things you can already do on your own. In fact, designing your workstation can be fun and exciting. Search online or read home magazines for more tips and suggestions.

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