Worried About Your Teeth? Learn About these Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

cosmetic dentistryDo you have stained, crooked, or missing teeth? If you answered ‘yes’ to this simple question, you belong to the thousands of British people with similar oral health issues. While chipped or misaligned teeth can be quite charming for some chaps and ladies, not everyone can be confident enough with damaged teeth.

Smile makers says knowing about cosmetic dentistry treatments is the very first step to solving your problems. Here is a quick overview of four cosmetic solutions you should know about:


The British are among the top tea consumers in the world, and the same is true for coffee and chocolate, all of which cause teeth staining. If you smoke, there are higher chances of you having yellowish teeth, too. The solution to this problem is professional whitening using chemicals or bleaching agents to address the issue. You may also use whitening strips or toothpaste at home, but in-office whitening is more effective.


Extraction is often necessary to save neighbouring teeth from a fully decayed tooth. After such a procedure, most people tend to experience a weird sensation whenever eating or speaking. Dental bridges can help resolve this problem. Your lost tooth’s neighbours will support the bridge that will cover the gap. Dental bridges will look and feel just like your natural teeth, and will prevent issues with eating or speaking.

Crowns and Veneers

Made from ceramic, plastic, or metal alloys, a dental crown or cap is used as a protective cover for fractured teeth. It can also correct severe discolouration. Veneers, on the other hand, are thin shells of teeth-coloured materials intended for chipped teeth. Veneers are also ideal for gapped or mal-positioned teeth.


While dental bridges are for replacing a single tooth, dentures replace missing teeth. Your cosmetic dentist in Southampton will use a combination of acrylic and metal prosthesis to help you eat and speak normally. You may feel uncomfortable when your dentist first puts your dentures in place, but you will adapt after a week or two.

These cosmetic dentistry options are available thanks to the growing research in oral health. You can consult your dentist if you are thinking about any of these dental solutions.

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