Major Security Blind Spots for New Homeowners

home locksNew homeowners often make the mistake of focusing on the décor and housewarming parties, with home security essentials often taking a backseat. An important element of homeownership nobody should neglect is security and protection. Family safety should never be risked or compromised.

In Miami, burglary rates reached more than 4,200 reported cases per 100,000 residents in 2012. This is alarming, but is also not without a solution. Awareness of the major security blindspots, especially for new homeowners, is likely to decrease the number and make the city safer.

Not Changing the Locks

After moving into a new home, it’s important to change all the locks. Anybody can have access to the old locks and it’s better to be safe than sorry. With advanced technological means, new homeowners’ options range from high security locks to access control systems.

Failing To Lock the Doors and Windows

Majority of burglars enter through unlocked doors and windows. Remember to keep the entrance and exit points secured. You can also choose to install security systems that do this. recommends consulting experts on home security installations to inquire about modern safety systems.

Overgrown Bushes

Most new homeowners ignore the risks of untrimmed bushes and trees surrounding their houses. Landscape strategizing or simply keeping hedges shaped and trimmed will discourage burglars as this will cancel out their possible concealment.

No Outside Lighting

Similar to the idea of excessive shrubbery, dark areas also make good hiding spots. They allow burglars secrecy as they scan the area and the target home. Also keep the walkway and porch well-lighted at all times.

Offering Too Much Information

Sharing all the details of the interior of your new home will make you a likely target, as you are allowing burglars and potential crime fiends access to the inside of your house. Displaying your valuables in various social media platforms also puts you in the crosshairs of criminals. Avoid oversharing online as it does not only compromise your home safety, but your identity and privacy as well.

It’s easy to be taken over by decoration and house parties after moving in, but these simple reminders will do a lot of help to prevent break-ins and to protect the life you have worked hard for.

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