The Importance of Social Support

social supportSocial support is a term that often comes up when people discuss relationship problems and significant life events. It means having family and loved ones, most commonly guided by experts, around you during times of crisis and distress.

Social Support is something that can greatly benefit every person, however, because it can help them to better cope with day to day stresses. It provides better quality of life and enhances a person’s ability to face adverse life events that may come along the way.

Perth-based home care provider Platinum Healthcare enumerated the forms of social support, which include the following:

• Emotional Support
• Instrumental Support
• Informational Support

Many studies have concluded that having a strong social support network is good for both the psychological and general well-being of a person. It may even enhance the immune functions of the body. Listed below are some common benefits when individuals have social support:

A Sense Of Belonging – Spending time with people who have issues in common with you can help to ward off feelings of loneliness and depression. It can help you cope with stress and problems arising from day-to-day activities.

A Sense Of Self-Worth – Being around people who share the same sentiments can help to reinforce your self-worth. It also gives you a deeper purpose and direction in life.

A Sense of Security – Having your own social network can give you access to the information, guidance, essential advice, and assistance that you may need. It is a comforting thought that you can turn to people whom you can rely on in times of need.

You need not have a serious life crisis or a mental affliction to seek out a strong social support network. In fact, though many people stick to the notion of it being a specialised need, many individuals can benefit from it to better deal with the stresses of everyday life. It has far-reaching benefits mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Do yourself a favour and join one today. Whether you are the one receiving counsel or if you are the one extending your help, the benefits are well worth the time and effort you put into it.

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