Brace Yourself, Penguin 3.0 is Coming

google penguinThe SEO landscape shifted when Google announced the launch of the Penguin algorithm in April 2012. The following year, Google introduced Penguin 2.0, in which a massive number of websites have been penalized and lost top search rankings. Today, there are rumors that another algorithm update, Penguin 3.0 is about to launch and many are gearing up for this change.

Is your SEO company ready for Penguin 3.0? To give you a primer and help you gear up for this algorithm update, here is a quick guide.

  1. Focus on anchor text

According to experts from, Penguin 3.0 will penalize sites that have over-optimized anchor texts for keywords on their backlinks. Previous updates have revealed that websites, which have anchor texts that are an exact match to the page’s title tag are hit by the update. It’s critically important to observe anchor text diversity and link relevancy. Replace optimized anchor texts with more natural ones.

  1. Analyze backlinks

Assess your link profile regularly. Keep an eye on backlinks coming from low quality and irrelevant sites. Make sure that there are no duplicate content over the web to ensure that you are absolutely free from toxic links. But if ever you find one, ask the removal of the content. Eliminate the links in guest blogging networks as well. Previous updates revealed that websites in these platforms were penalized.

  1. Review follow links

A healthy balance between follow and nofollow links is key to pushing an SEO boost, but remember to avoid spamming them. Make sure that the links are relevant to the client’s brand or business.

Algorithm updates from Google always send tremors in the digital marketing landscape. But the good thing is, you can tame and satisfy Penguin by closely inspecting your website. Brace yourself for Penguin 3.0.

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