Let the Sun in: The Right Amount of Sunlight at Home

With energy costs constantly rising, more homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on the use of artificial lights to illuminate their homes. Natural light and ventilation is the key to keeping your home comfortable while saving on energy costs.

sunlight at the windowBelow is a brief discussion from Half Price Shutterson how to achieve this balance:

Add Windows Where Necessary

External factors like adjacent trees and buildings affect the amount of sunlight that reaches particular rooms in your home. Control this by adding more windows where it is necessary to reduce glare and balance out the lighting. You should also know how to borrow light from one room and bring it to another with the use of movable and fixed means.

Buy Lifestyle Screens

Installing lifestyle screens is one way to make your home look elegant while controlling how much sunlight gets in. This will create an effortless and natural flow from your outdoor area to the interiors of your home. Enjoy a comfortable time sitting outside on a nice warm day or even if it is windy and raining. These are perfect for your pergola, patio, gazebo, veranda, and pool area.

Let Skylights In

The use of skylights as overhead windows is effective to bring in additional light into your kitchen. Direct rays, however, may lead to more heat, and therefore, more air conditioning. To solve this, don’t forget to put operable shades to control the skylight. Another space where skylight would be effective is in the hallway. This prevents the need for artificial lights when you move from one room to another.

Install Solar Tubes

When natural light is simply not possible, you might want to think about getting a solar tube instead. Solar tubes bring in the sunlight, are energy-efficient, and make your living space more comfortable. It is perfect for the spaces above the stairs where natural light usually isn’t present.

Talk to your trusted contractor to learn about a few more ways to make use of natural light for your own benefit. The right balance of natural light and proper ventilation is the key to a healthier and more energy-efficient home.

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