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The Importance of Social Support

October 28, 2014

Social support is a term that often comes up when people discuss relationship problems and significant life events. It means having family and loved ones, most commonly guided by experts, around you during times of […]

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The Symptoms of a Dental Practice in Trouble

October 25, 2014

Running a business is hard even if you’re fresh out of business school. Chances are, however, you didn’t attend business school because you went to dental school instead, and now you have a practice to […]

Payday Loan

CMA Publishes Provisional Decision on Payday Loan Market

October 23, 2014

In early October 2014, the UK’s competition authority, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), published its final proposals for the payday loan market. The concerns it investigated were first identified by the Office of Fair […]

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The Significance of School Uniforms

October 21, 2014

If you like going on the Internet for your daily news fix, chances are you’ve already come across a few bits about some students in America getting worked up about their dress codes. Apparently, some […]

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Fashion: Echoing Street Trends

October 20, 2014

Fashion has always been the echo of both prevailing popular culture and counterculture. The meteoric emergence of the punk rock attitude of the 70’s, the alternative boom of Generation X in the 90’s, along with […]

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The Path to Progress

October 18, 2014

Progress is only possible when people start working together towards a common goal, and the rule stays the same regardless if it’s individuals or entire groups. The latter is much more difficult to accomplish, but […]