Wearing the Maxi Skirt Whatever the Weather

skirtMaxi skirts are a versatile fashion piece, that is why celebrities and fashion experts consider it as a wardrobe essential. These skirts are perfect for any season or occasion. Make sure that you have this fashion staple so you can be in style whatever the weather is.

Here are a few tips on how you can rock that maxi skirt.

Be chic and carefree with floral and bold prints during summer

Fashion experts and stylists from online designer clothing store, talulah.com.au advise women to pair their floral maxi skirt with a simple black crop tank or a grey tee and tie it into a knot at the hem. Accessories is also the key to pulling off this look. Play with accessories and wear silver or gold cuff or brown earthy bangles. You can also put on long and detailed necklaces to emphasise the neckline. Complement the summer vibe by wearing a fedora and a pair of sunnies.

Don’t forget to style your hair to complete the look. Pull your hair up into a simple ponytail or knot a scarf on the head and pair it with a messy bun.

Throw on some layers while sporting that maxi skirt during winter

Winterise by adding layers to your maxi skirt outfit. Sweaters, cardigans or coats are a good addition to the ensemble. Even though maxi skirts are long, you must still provide extra layers for your legs to protect them from the cold. Wear tights or leggings for this. Stay warm while staying classy with winter accessories, such as hats, gloves, scarves or beanies. Put on some knee-high boots to pull off that maxi-dress-in-winter outfit.

Bundle up with long sleeves and maxi skirt during autumn

Long sleeves and maxi skirts are a fashion trend during autumn. Pull out your denim long sleeves and pair it with a bright-coloured maxi skirt. Put on some simple accessories, such as a gold choker necklace and a neutral-coloured bracelet. If you want a more sophisticated look, wear a white bolero and a white maxi skirt. Leave your hair down and put on some sunnies.

Maxi skirts are perfect for any season so make sure you have one in your wardrobe. Pair it with accessories and the right hairstyle and you’ll be in style all year long.

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