Doing SEO Right: The Perfect Call-to-Action

seo services“It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish”. Cliché as it may sound, this quote has a grain of truth to it, especially when you’re engaging in digital marketing. You might have different ideas as to what makes an ad compelling; but in most cases, your ad’s effectiveness boils down to the call-to-action. Indeed, there really are instances when it’s all about how you end your pitch.

When you want to be the SEO company Brisbane businesses depend on, you have to master the art of making calls-to-action. How you do that is another concern, but it’s easier to write the perfect CTA when you know its components – particularly, these things:

Actionable language

There’s a reason the word “action” is in “call-to-action.” You have to convince the website’s audience to do something that would make them engage more with your brand. You have to harness the power of language to persuade them into clicking the subscribe, download, or purchase button.

This is why you should use actionable language to make it more convincing. Words such as “discover,” “learn,” and “unearth” put more power in your statement. Remember: the language you use with your CTA can make or break its purpose, so use it correctly.

Time sensitivity

Your action words would be more effective when you insert an element of urgency in your CTA. Inserting words, such as “today” and “now” keep your readers focused on whatever it is you’re offering, thus increasing the compelling factor of your call-to-action.

Page alignment

CTAs should deliver whatever they promise. This means that when you advertise, say, a training module, clicking the link should lead the user to the page of the training module. Taking your audience elsewhere would ruin the user experience and your pitch.

Value proposition

Whenever your audience encounters your CTA, they’ll think of why your proposition matters. Would your audience benefit from your product/service? If yes, how so? These are the things you have to think about when crafting a call to action. Put simply, you have to give them the best value possible.

Smart design

The design also plays a role in the effectiveness of your CTA. You have to make the button look large and clickable whilst maintaining a good colour combination in the background for better impact. You also have to know where the best placement of your button is. Some marketers even personalise their CTAs depending on their target audience.

Consider these elements as your starting point in improving the way you write calls-to-action. The CTA may not be as simple as it sounds, but knowing these components takes you one step closer to writing more convincing ad copies.



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