Top Plumbing Problems in Older Homes

plumbingOld houses are appealing for their classic architectural designs and history. If you are living in one or planning to buy one, don’t forget to check the property’s plumbing. An undetected plumbing problem, especially in an old house, may cost you a fortune.

Here are some common plumbing issues in older homes:

Older Faucets and Water Heaters

Metal parts of plumbing appliances, such as heaters and faucets, may corrode over time. An old water heater may have rusts inside the tank without you knowing. There were instances when natural gas water heaters have corroded to the point where water started to leak onto the burner. Specialists at Perry Plumbing suggest checking your faucets and heaters regularly so you can repair the first signs of problems immediately.

Galvanized Pipes

Today’s homes use plastic or copper water lines. Many older homes, however, use galvanized pipes. To determine if the galvanized pipes are still in good condition, turn on the hot water and evaluate the pressure. If the water pressure is low, the pipe may be corroded. There may also be a mineral build-up inside the pipe, which blocks the flow of water.

Terracotta Sewer Lines

Terracotta sewer lines are popular for collapsing and breaking. These lines are made of kiln-fired ceramic sewer pipes. Over time, they may clog and cause slow drains. When not fixed immediately, you may have to replace the entire sewer line from your home to the main line.

Leaks on Polybutylene Plastic Water Pipes

Polybutylene pipes, which were popular from the mid-70s to the mid-90s, are prone to leaks. As the material reacts to water oxidants, the pipes can become brittle easily, which leads to cracks and leaks. Experts recommend replacing these pipes to avoid further problems.

Don’t let plumbing problems affect your decision of staying in your ancestral home or buying an old house. Knowing common plumbing problems of old homes helps you manage the property better. For optimum results, think about consulting plumbing professionals who are experts in old properties.

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