Where Investments Pay Off: Top 5 Countries for Doing Business

Many entrepreneurs leave their home country and set their sights on testing the waters in foreign nations. Of course, in business, everything comes with a risk, which is why entrepreneurs must be sure where they will put their money.

This begs the question: which countries serve as the best location for businesses?

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is on top of the list, and that’s for good reason. With lax tax regulations and an amiable business environment, it’s no wonder many business owners establish their enterprises in this country. Add the minimal overall cost of starting a business here and you have yourself a true haven for budding entrepreneurs who want to go international.

Bird's Eye View of Toronto, CanadaCanada

Canada has managed to have a slight edge against the US for a number of reasons. First is how resilient Canadian industries are across different sectors, such as the oil and gas, farming, and retail industries. Moreover, consumer receptiveness in the area has been generally positive, thus making it a favorable investment location. Lastly, the sizable middle class in the area generates good results for household consumption.

United States of America

The US maintains a good spot as one of the best investment locations in the world. One of the main reasons for this is that the country continues to be the leading nation in terms of foreign direct investments. Although the cost of setting up a business in the US is a tad more expensive than other countries, the economic strength of the country makes up for it. EB5Link.com also emphasizes on the attractive visa options investors have when they plan on doing business in the US, thus making it an even better option for any company establishment or expansion.


Where Singapore shines is the transport and business startup cost. Similar to the case of Hong Kong, it’s relatively cheaper to establish a company in this location. Different investment vehicles flourish in the area, including business trust listings. As one of Southeast Asia’s strongest economies, it’s no wonder it makes up for an attractive area for setting up shop.


Last but not the least is the Land Down Under. Although the consumer base is not as attractive as other countries, Australia makes up for it in its level of economic integration, business establishment cost, and other less tangible cost. Add the competent workforce in the country and you can truly kick-start your enterprise to success.

As in real estate, setting up a business is also about its location. Think where you’d establish your company and work your way through the hurdles to succeed in whatever industry you’re part of.

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