Rediscovering A typical Delivery and Fertility Practices

acupunctureMany expectant mothers, including their partners, practice delivery and fertility rituals that may be considered strange by most. Some couples participate in a dance fertility ritual. Others engage in a silent Scientology birth, in which the lady giving birth cannot talk during labour.

A number of individuals believe in child delivery and fertility rituals, since there are those who can attest to their wonders. Here are other forms of delivery and fertility rituals that have been practiced across the globe:

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practices for the Modern Era

Modern infertility treatments include acupuncture fertility practices in Brisbane. This practice is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that includes a strategic and painless placement of tiny needles. An acupuncture expert forms a grid-like pattern of needles that covers the body from head to toe. The tiny needles stimulate certain energy points for regulation of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance.

2. Birth Practices for the Royal Bloodline

During the 1700s, France practiced an elaborate labour methodology resembling a birth ritual practiced by some celebrities today. A royal lady experiencing labour pains could call upon her attendants, who will lay her down on a special couch.

The attendants would place some ancient remedies near the mother-to-be, including a sneezing powder to aid in the delivery. They would also put on the bedside some almond oil to cleanse the hands of the physician and midwife, and several boxes of powdered cumin and myrrh to dust the infant’s umbilical cord.

After the delivery, the attendants cut the cord and washed the baby with oil, red roses and red wine.

3. Ritual For Newborn Babies

Tossing newborn babies is a common practice at a Muslim shrine in the Maharashtra state of India. With a 15-metre tall temple, a few couples toss their newly born babies off the side of the temple. Babies do not fall to the ground as spotters stand by with a large sheet to catch them. Observed for half a millennium, the ritual is believed to strengthen the infant. Some individuals believe this ritual can shower good luck, courage and intelligence upon the child.

Many people still practice ancient rituals that may seem strange today, but believing in such rituals is highly personal and even spiritual in nature, and so the belief is not easily shed. For those who are willing to try, there are rituals that are perfectly safe and even proven to be helpful. It is, however, important to create a perfect balance between ancient rituals and modern medical treatments for a holistic approach to fertility and delivery.

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